Customized Workshops, Webinars & Classes

for Public Speaking and Pitching


In-Person Classes or Webinars

for Large Groups and Teams

are a great way to learn the basics of storytelling, graphic design and presentation that will make you more confident and persuasive whenever you stand up to speak. Every session is customized to meet the goals of your organization. You'll learn to:

• Write a script with a narrative that shows you understand your audience and what they're experiencing. 

• Appeal to people's needs or fears in a way that motivates them to take action.

• Use data to explain or prove your point and close the deal.

Every Engagement Includes:

• Introductions and Elevator Pitches

• Storytelling

• Scriptwriting

• Working on your deck

• Layout and Design

• Selecting images

• Selecting charts, graphs, and displaying data

• Voice control and pacing

• Body language

• Learning to cope with the fear of public speaking

• How to handle Q&A

Contract Consulting

You've got an idea that will change the world. Or maybe your start-up is off to a great start. But it's hard to explain new, complex ideas to your listener in just a few minutes.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a researcher, or an engineer; if you're raising investor funds, scaling your business up, or building your network; your ideas are unique but your challenge remains the same: You need to develop a captivating presentation that represents your brand, explains your potential, and inspires your listener to act.

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