Customized Workshops, Webinars & Classes
for Public Speaking and Pitching

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In-Person Classes or Webinars


are a great way to learn the basics of storytelling, graphic design and presentation that will make you more confident and persuasive whenever you stand up to speak. Every session is customized to meet your needs:

Team Presentations to managers and colleagues

Sales and Investor Pitches in-person and online

TED Talks and Lectures to conventions and classes

Elevator Pitches for meetings and clubs

Every Engagement Includes:

• Introductions and Elevator Pitches

• Storytelling

• Scriptwriting

• Working on your deck

• Layout and Design

• Selecting images

• Selecting charts, graphs, and displaying data

• Voice control and pacing

• Body language

• Learning to cope with the fear of public speaking

• How to handle Q&A

Virtual Pitch Practice

Everybody needs to rehearse. It also helps to get some feedback in a low-risk environment. is better than being there (especially while we're dealing with COVID) because you'll be practicing in front of the same expert panel of investors and entrepreneurs who do the judging for groups like TechStars, The RAISE Forum at the Goizueta Business School and others. 

You'll get expert advice and you'll be introduced to the people who can really help you get better, get funding and grow your business.

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Market research, your competitive advantage, branding, key words, your target audience, pricing...all these things and more are part of a successful pitch or presentation. 

Once you fully understand how your concept or product is perceived and where you fit in the matrix of supply, demand, and value - we can craft your presentations as a part of your comprehensive go-to-market effort to raise funds or grow your revenue.

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