Customized. Entertaining. Learning.

Full and half-day sessions give you a chance to learn and then practice the skills that will make you and your team better, more confident speakers and leaders. 


The Basic Workshops/Webinars Include:

• Introductions and Elevator Speeches


•Script Writing


•Layout and Design

•Choosing Images and Charts


•Stagecraft: Beyond the Podium

These talks are fast and fun. You have to eat and this is a perfect way to offer extra benefits or training to everyone on your team no matter where they are.




Breakout Sessions

TED-style Talks

Based on the content in a workshop and presented in the time you have, I'll talk about the basics of a good presentation, how to frame your ideas, the best way to present your data, and how to deliver for your audience.

We can talk about confirmation bias, the power of imagery, the nuts and bolts of building your slide deck and how your listeners learn.

Finally, I'll demonstrate some simple steps and techniques anyone can learn to stand up and deliver with style.

We'll start from the beginning. I'll grab my notebook. You talk about what you want to accomplish with your next talk, whether it's a keynote, a class, or a TED talk.


You'll get all my years of advertising, marketing, and presentation experience.

Whether you need a sales pitch, an investor pitch, a training, or a talk of any kind - the first thing we'll do is determine just what your goals and objectives are. What's the take-away or the call-to-action?

Together, we'll assemble the assets you have, take a look at the challenges you face, and determine what the deliverable should be. I'll rely on your subject matter expertise; you can rely on my creativity and honesty.

The finished product will be a finely honed presentation that is clear, concise, and compelling delivered in a confident style. 


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