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After decades in the ad agency business developing new business and powering the growth of hundreds of clients large and small...

Over innumerable Presentations

Here's What I Learned

You Can't Fight Fog With Facts

This is a TEDx style talk that explains the challenges every content creator or influencer or social media marketer faces with every attempt to get some eyeballs or ears - and keep them before your audience scrolls away. There's not a lot of nuts and bolts advice, but instead, you'll get an overview of the state of media today.

Changing Minds

Overcoming biases and preconceived notions is a huge challenge in sales, in education, and in everyday communication. In this TEDMed talk given at the Centers for Disease Control, you'll learn a little about what goes on in your listener's mind and some techniques you can use that will get people to consider new ideas and take action.

I Was On A Podcast!

Business RadioX invited me to talk about public speaking for business. My consulting service, Virtual Pitch Practice, has helped thousands of individuals with the elevator pitch, their investor pitch, their sales get the idea. It was a lively interview!

Only One!

Here's a secret that everybody show know - and everybody can do. The best presenters all do it, whether they realize or not. But once you have this understanding, it only takes a minute to practice and you'll master a public speaking skill that will make you a better communicator!

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