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Branding is a crucial first step for success. It is the personification of your venture that creates recognition, trust and loyalty and sets you apart from your competitors. In the long run, a strong brand will lead to more sales and revenue. Don't underestimate the power of a great brand. Invest your time, as you build your business, to define your vision and your values.


To startup, scale up, or take a successful business to the next level you need a strategic plan. It may change over time. As you learn more about your product, your competitors, your service or your customer, your go-to-market plan will change with upgrades you make or features that the market wants.  You'll need to match the solution you're offering with the needs of your buyers and competition you're facing.

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Presenting is the final step to closing a deal. Storytelling is the first step. Persuasion requires passion, not a powerpoint. Aristotle talked about Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in that order. The storyteller understands that it's the fear of missing out or losing out that will activate a call to action - not your charts or the numbers.  Tug on the heartstrings, and offer a happy ending that your listener wants. 


“If you can’t explain it simply,

you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein


Some of the
Start-ups and Fortune 500s
We've Helped


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“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people …

you’re giving up your potential.”

Warren Buffett took a public speaking course when he was still in school!

Steve helped me and his advice on some modifications to my deck really helped me with my story telling. After hearing about my organization, Liv2BMe, he gave excellent advice and pointers how to give the pitch in a way that would be more meaningful to the audience. I'd highly recommend Steve to anyone needing coaching on their pitch deck.

Start-up Founder 


Steve went out of his way to coach me on foundational marketing and sales techniques so that I could be successful during my internship. He does a great job of pushing me and challenging me so that I can effectively learn and grow, while also making me feel comfortable and confident by cheering me on in my successes. He is easy to get along with and always knows how to make people laugh!

Ex-Intern now with Apple


He is adept at identifying core business values and crafting pitch presentations that bring attention to those values. He is also the best kind of direct, sharing his insights with others in the way of a teacher who truly enjoys teaching. His energetic and positive demeanor add to the experience of working with him and I'd highly recommend him.

Start-up Founder 


We worked with Steve and the Presentation Tune-Ups team in early 2021. We were very pleased with how quickly they were able to capture the essence of our business and communicate our messaging in a much simpler & direct manner. Steve delivered a complete package including an improved pitch deck on time and within our budget. We were very happy with the results which are still in use today.

CEO National Broadband


Steve Brett worked with us at an important time for MedTrans Go. He is a strong strategic thinker with an ability to understand our different needs, styles and strengths. Together we built out an early growth strategy, and created our sales and investor pitch decks . His easy going style, and broad network were critical to help reach the next level.

CEO & /Co-Founder


Steve Brett is a masterful teacher. He knows how to tell a powerful story and get it across to the audience. He is that great blend of consummate professional and fellow human....he is positive and encouraging in his message while being brutally honest at the same time. I value his input and I recommend him as a consultant if you have critical presentation or an important message to share.

Coach to Fortune 500s


I met Steve as a startup founder. Steve is very friendly, he shares 

openly. He organized a really good activity that helped me understand how to pitch better and how to present in a way that's easier to understand for people that's not used to my Chilean accent. He has the ability to easily understand what you want or need to communicate .

Int'l. Founder and CEO


Two weeks after your training, I gave a presentation to health departments that participate in our project and I got lots of positive feedback. Several of my colleagues wanted to know how I did it and I told them that your workshop inspired me to do a TED-style talk. My team would benefit from what you teach and my lead asked me to reach out for more classes and webinars.

CDC and Healthcare 

The only difference between success and failure

is the ability to take action.”

Alexander Graham Bell

Meet Steve

Steve Brett was one of the early adopters of computer design, internet marketing, and working from home.


He was the founder and CEO of a respected ad agency in the  New York metropolitan area that served Fortune 500 clients, international and regional firms and local concerns. The agency grew to become a member of the American Association of Ad Agencies. 


Today, Steve specializes in personal communications, helping individuals and teams deliver compelling talks, pitches, and presentations of all kinds. Additionally, he is a judge and mentor to startups in the southeast - and recently from around the world.

Throughout his career, Steve crafted and delivered innumerable pitches and presentations to prospects, teammates, and classes. While earning his Master’s in Teaching, he realized that people weren’t being taught the real-world communication skills they needed. That insight, and his own start-up energy led to the creation of Presentation TuneUps.

Back in the day, Steve's ad agency helped launch an early cellphone company that later merged with Verizon.  There was a growing payroll company making use of personal computers that was eventually acquired by ADP. And from his home office, he helped build the first website for Citizen Watch Company, and then led the writing team that helped pioneer online athletic shoe sales for The Sports Authority.

The agency’s impressive portfolio also included marquee clients such as SONY, Hertz, Fiduciary Trust, NatWest Bank, T. Anthony Leather, Department 56, and The New York Stock Exchange.

Making a Difference


Board of Advisors/Pitch Coach

Pitch Coach/Mentor/Judge

Incubator Classes/Mentor/Pitch Coach

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Board of Advisors

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