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Motivational Speaker

Learn the marketing tools that will reach your customers and the presentation skills that will connect with your listener

Command Your Stage


What is a brand? Why is it crucial to success? Brands are carefully built and your brand is the foundation on which your organization will grow and flourish. Without it, your business will struggle.


How do you create a brand?


You can't launch a successful sales campaign if you don't know your audience. Or if you don't know the best way and the best times to contact the people who make the buying decisions.

Do you know your customer? 

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No one emerges from the cradle a masterful speaker. It's passion and conviction that convince your listener. Public speaking is a skill that you can master if you know basics.

Can you stand and deliver? 



Nobody wants to hear you launch into the features of your product. The data don't do it either. From Aesop to Rowling, great stories connect with the listener to explain how your story impacts them.


What's the structure of a good story?

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Meet Steve

Steve Brett is a web pioneer, the founder and CEO of a New York ad agency with Fortune 500 clients and startup companies, and a mentor to startups in the southeast.


Today, Steve specializes in personal communications helping individuals and teams deliver compelling talks, pitches, and presentations of all kinds.


During his career, Steve made millions of pitches and presentations to prospects, teammates, and classes. While earning his Masters in Teaching, he saw that people weren't learning the kind of communication skills they would need in the real world. That realization, combined with his real-world business experience, became the foundation of Presentation TuneUps.


Steve’s agency created the first campaigns for an early cellphone company that merged with Verizon. The firm also grew a payroll company that exited to ADP. Sitting alone in his home office, he built the first website for the Citizen Watch Company and his agency partnered with others to offer athletic shoes for sale online for the first time for The Sports Authority.


Other marquee clients in our portfolio included SONY, Hertz, Fiduciary Trust, NatWest Bank, T. Anthony Leather, Department 56, and

The New York Stock Exchange.

Making a Difference

Board of Advisors/Pitch Coach

Pitch Coach/Mentor

Incubator Classes/Mentor/Pitch Coach

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Board of Advisors


Start-ups and Fortune 500s
We've Worked With
(and many more!)

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