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You need passion, drive and knowledge to be good at what you do. Speaking in public is no different. I can teach you things I've learned talking to investors and prospects to help you grab their attention and get them to take notice. If you have to face an audience of one or one hundred, I'll help you create a compelling narrative, pitch, or presentation to your colleagues, investors, students, and even your friends. Storycraft    Slidecraft  and Stagecraft  start here.




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Lead with your passion, not your bio. Start with "once upon a time," and remember that every story  and your presentations need three things without fail:

A beginning, middle and end.

Deck Design

Think like a film-maker. Ceate a storyboard for your talk. Use a pencil and paper to draw some pictures like a comic. Present your data effectively for more impact and context.


Great leaders have it. Call it charisma. Call it stage presence. It may come naturally to some people, but you can learn to have your audience eating out of the palm of your hand with a few simple techniques.


What People Said

"Two weeks after your training, I gave a presentation to health departments that participate in our project and I got lots of positive feedback. Several of my colleagues wanted to know how I did it and I told them that your workshop inspired me to do a TED-style talk. My team would benefit from what you teach and my lead asked me to reach out.

-CDC, 2018

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Life's not all business. I follow current events, listen to music, cook, eat and read. Here's my take on new ideas for presentations, business, and strategy, informed by my view of the world.

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